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10 Ways of Finding Closure in Your Relationship

As the song says, “Breaking up is hard to do.” Finding closure after the end of a relationship is often harder. “Closure” is a psychological term that simply means closing the door on something or someone. Closure means you leave the past in the past rather than dragging it out into the present again. In […]

Three Forms of Closure

For her traumatic wounds to heal, the victim of abuse requires closure – one final interaction with her tormentor in which he, hopefully, acknowledges his misbehavior and even tenders an apology. Few abusers – especially if they are narcissistic – are amenable to such weakling pleasantries. More often, the abused are left to wallow in […]

Avoiding A Divorce

If you have a marriage in trouble but you want to avoid divorce, you should know that you have great options for saving the relationship. The exact resources and tools used to put the broken pieces back together will depend on the reason for the problem. As an example, if your wife or husband was […]

Parenting After Divorce

Once you have finished gathering all your divorce information, sought all the divorce advice that was out there, found divorce help by hiring an attorney and financial planner… after you have learned everything there is to know about how to get a divorce there is one decision that has no fast, cut-and-dried answers: how to […]

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